New Studio: My Life Redefined

Not sure what I’m exploring in this post – reinvigorating one’s creativity? reinventing oneself? Maybe just simply a way to organize my thoughts as I try to make a new life in a new place. … More New Studio: My Life Redefined


Following Through

Doing what I think I should be doing not what I think others think I should be doing. OR “Don’t break your shin on a stool that is not in your way.” — Irish Proverb Over the past several years I’ve set some creative goals for myself as the a new year begins. I am … More Following Through

All Over the Place

My studio has found me “all over the place” these past couple of weeks. It is becoming apparent to me that one of the reasons I am keen on continuing this blog is that I am realizing it will be here to remind me that even if I’m not working on “important work” or a … More All Over the Place