Winter Solstice 2018

Quickie reflection on the Art Fair Season. Sales at New Brighton were not so hot, but I learned a great deal about packing up the car, creating a display, and appropriate containers! I just don’t know if my offerings were necessarily a ‘fit’ for this particular show.  The artists/craftspeople I met were very talented and it was a joy to meet some of them – especially Dave right next to me – such an interesting guy. He was an ex-submariner, engineer, teacher, Klingon-group attendee (who spoke Klingon) and he was selling games he invented and produced and sells as Anrias Games. Check it out. Pretty cool. Needless to say, it was great fun talking with him that day!

So I pretty much chalked that event up to experience and a chance to meet Dave.

Seward Winter Frolic was underwhelming too…for all the artists. It was just a slow day and then a blizzard came through (I exaggerate a bit on blizzard – but it did take me 1.5 hours to get home when otherwise would have taken 25 minutes) after lunch which brought the trickling of visitors to a halt. But that’s the risk we take, right?


Women’s Art Festival was GREAT! The buzz at the festival is just amazing. Attendees are such hand-made, home-grown, art seekers!! And many creators/makers themselves. It was such a thrill to have some of my work move some of them to buy something for themselves or a loved one. And I loved talking with them. It was also a great chance to hang out with my studio-mate, Carole, right next door and meet Cindy who was selling her amazing cotton and wool rugs.

So…on the Winter Solstice. I’ve always thought about the Winter Solstice as the shortest day of the year. Period. Ok. Great. Least sunlight. That’s interesting. But I recently heard the Winter Solstice described as “half-way out of the dark”. Just putting that different perspective on this event gives the winter (the long MN winter) whole new meaning. Glass half-full, half-empty sort of thing. Or better yet, winter, if thought of this way, is a coming OUT and UP and experiencing more and more, not a retreating IN and hunkering DOWN and avoiding.


I find that my new MN neighbors seem to approach winter this way in general. Nothing stops them. Lake frozen? Well, go fishing, of course. Or better yet, have a festival on the lake. Have art shows on the lake in little shanties. Snow storm came through last night? Well, that makes for great snow-shoeing. Streets not plowed? Get the skis out, no biggie.

So as the shortest day approaches, I am trying to follow their examples and then keep an open mind as to all the possibilities that lay before me as the days get longer. Rather than fretting over an impending storm or weeks of sub-zero temps, I’m promising myself to be grateful and fill the ever lengthening days with thoughtfulness, compassion for myself and others (and hopefully even a little snow-shoeing).

I’ve often taken quite a break when it came to creating after the busy Thanksgiving to Christmas ‘rush’. I’m not quite sure how this new perspective on winter and the growing days will relate to my creativity, but I’m certainly open to seeing what happens.


Thank you for reading this far! Now go get inspired by someone, be inspiring yourself, do something create-ive, counter the hate, change the world…no fear!

Until next time,


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