Another Art Crawl

Ok. Where did the summer go? Well, to be fair, my son got married so though I was busy in the studio, I was also very focused on a summer of LOVE! New family, old friends, good food, celebrations, happiness, peace. I don’t think I’ve ‘come down’ from it yet!


Now on to my third art crawl – Art Attack – at Northrup King Building in Northeast, MN. New series have been explored – some petered out creatively (but how would I know if I didn’t explore them, right?) and some are really sparking some interest so they will be continued.

I really like the ‘deadline’ of an art crawl to motivate me to finish things (always an issue with me). And my studio-mate and I always joke about the ‘after Art Attack’ world of experimentation and play. It is wonderful to have someone hold me to some of those promises of play – this time we plan on investigating marbling (on fabric and paper). So the deadline is so far working to push me to try new things rather than being a heavy burden to ‘complete things’  – even though I’ve done that, too! And I’m happy for that.

Marbled paper by Sue Bjerke at

About completing things – it is easier when I let go of ‘perfection’. A piece is never going to be perfect – ever. Or rather, maybe perfect in its imperfection. At any rate, once I let go, knowing I’ve given a piece my ‘all’, if it makes me happy, then I think that maybe it has the potential of making someone else happy – then I consider it done. I don’t fee like I’m settling for ‘second best’ as long as I feel like I’ve put my 30 years of exploring to use in some way as I complete it.

So, here I am at my third art crawl, pretty at peace. I hope that continues – even if things don’t sell. We shall see. It’s not about the selling, right? Right?

Some new prints on backgrounds created by me – all about 2.75×2.75…still on the ‘small’ kick!

Here is an amazing blog post by Laurie Doctor who touches on the idea of looking at the why’s and must’s and purpose’s of creating. It is a third in a series and I HIGHLY recommend you read ALL of them!

Until next time,


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