Many, MANY years ago I taught calligraphy at a couple of local art shops, through my local guild and even in my basement studio (oh, the cramped space!). Then I took a class with Sheila Waters (one of several I’ve had the honor and priviledge to take with her). She is not only an amazing artist, she is a fabulous teacher and I, in this particular class for some reason, was a little overwhelmed by the idea that my own teaching skills were lacking. My answer to this was to take a break from it. But I realize now that that might have been a mistake.

Anyone who has taught anything knows that the teacher learns more than the students in most cases. Preparing to teach a class, one learns. Presenting material, one learns. Getting feedback from students, one learns. Teaching takes practice like anything else. If you feel you have some skills and experience and also have the inclination to share it – then how will you learn to teach it unless you, well, teach?! Like anything else, we can’t wait until it is perfect before we do it – nothing would ever get done.

Some Foundation Hand Practice

So the break is over. I’m back on the teaching horse. And I realize I do have so much to learn, but I also have so much to share. After just one class (last night – students were SUPER and I’m so excited for the next 5 weeks!) I feel like my books aren’t just gathering dust on a shelf – they are available for student use and study; my stash of paper and inks are once again seeing the light of day; I feel a little more relevant in my circle of calligraphers and artists; a little more in touch with creatives around me.

I am so grateful that I have this current opportunity to share, teach and learn and that I have 5 new enthusiastic creatives coming to my studio for the next 5 weeks. So thank you, thank you, thank you to my new students for diving in. I hope it is an experience that keeps you nourished on your own creative journey. Plus…letters are awesome.

Lettering is Order
Lettering Is Order

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Teaching…again

  1. Awe Sally so glad you are back teaching…. You do learn so much more from teaching and their questions… Love that all those books on the shelf are getting a dusting too… Enjoy- I will have to keep up with you over the next few weeks! I know you will have a blast! Huggs


    1. Thanks for joining the conversation! Do you recall that you are one of the first calligraphers I ‘met’ on FB? That is probably the only thing I like about FB – that I can keep in touch with calligraphy friends and share ideas, ooo and aaaah over their work, etc. I think I saw that you have a class coming up?


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