Spring = Renewal

I know, it is rather cliché but right now, as Spring approaches, it is very much a renewal for me on many fronts.

I moved to MN one year ago. In many ways it has been a whirlwind. I didn’t really agonize over decisions to move, to rent studio space, to start creating different series. I just sort of ‘went for it’. I just walked through all these doors that were flying open!

I’ve had a little time to reflect during the sub-zero stretches that everyone warned me about. First, I must say, I really liked this winter. Yes, it was cold. Yes, it snowed. But it was actually quite invigorating braving the cold to try new things – like an art festival on a frozen lake. I felt a bonding with the other souls who showed up to have fun despite the weather not being ideal. It is what it is and you wear layers.

Me knitting at the “Why Not Knit” Art Shanty ON (frozen) Lake Harriet at the Art Shanty Project 2018

Anyway, after a year, we found a house and are making our stay more permanent. I’m almost feeling settled. I almost have a routine and being In My Studio is part of that routine.

I’m making more art than I have in a very long time. I’m starting to teach calligraphy again. I’m learning how to market my work a bit. I’m meeting wonderfully creative people. I’m making new friends.

One of a new series of thoughtful words which will be printed and mounted on wooden frames.

I miss Pittsburgh a lot at times – our house, neighbors and my lettering friends from the Calligraphy Guild of Pittsburgh. But this move has sort of picked me up and dusted me off and reminded me that there is so much to do!

So with that, I hope all of you enjoy a Spring that brings some fresh eyes to your existence – whether you try something new, delve back into something you had abandoned for a while or just get outside more and enjoy the warming temperatures.

Until next time,


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