My First Crochet Pattern

Last year I made crocheted snowflakes ornaments for friends and family. I found many wonderful free patterns online and made quite a variety (no 2 flakes are the same, right?).

This year I wanted to make crochet or knit ornaments again. I thought Christmas trees might be nice. I found a very lovely-looking pattern but it was much too complicated (I completed it, but it just seemed like too much work for a sweet, little, tree). So, I decided to make my own pattern! I had never really done this before – making a pattern up as I went along – except for maybe a straight-forward (back and forth) scarf kind of thing.

I am a member of a wonderful crochet group on-line so I posted a photo of my little creations (the pattern evolved into what I found as the “best” one – although all three work for me). A member of the group asked for the pattern! I was very flattered.

So, I had to go and write it down. I might go as far as diagramming it but for now, I humbly share my first crochet pattern. I will post a nice, blocked version soon!

Pattern is for the tree in the middle. These are unblocked – so I suspect all the little points and other details will look quite nice when blocked!

Feel free to use the pattern for personal or gift use. But please – no mass productions for sale! And if you post it – credit to me would be appreciated.

Small warning. I have not had this tested yet but I have asked members of the group to test it and offer suggestions to make it more stream-lined and professional.

If you do have any questions or comments – please let me know! I would love to make the pattern more user friendly!

Christmas Tree Pattern by SWightkin

Note: I’m sure I took elements from other patterns I’ve tried or seen over the years, but to the best of my knowledge the entire pattern is NOT a direct copy of anything I’ve seen. Any similarities are coincidence or just prior knowledge coming into practice. If someone finds this exact pattern anywhere, please let me know and I will bow to expert creator and humbly apologize for unwittingly taking credit and then give credit where credit is due.

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “My First Crochet Pattern

  1. Sally, I love your little crochet ornaments! I don’t crochet, but have a great appreciation for all your creative efforts, as I am a quilter. (Note: I’m Ed’s Mom & I send Ed & Judi a quilt with cookies every Christmas!). I always send a text alert – since one year the dogs “opened” the cookie box before they got home.

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    1. Hi! Thank you so much for going to my blog and commenting! Nice meeting you. I think I’ve seen you on Instagram but I thought you were Ed’s sister. You may know that Joe and I just moved here, and it is been nice having Ed and Judy welcome us. I greatly admire the quilter’s skills and I love your gifts of quilts and cookies what a wonderful tradition.

      I see you now have two dogs to keep away from the cookies! I hope to see you around IG. I’ll keep an eye out for photos of those quilts ! 😉


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