When Inspiration Strikes

…or when it doesn’t

…or when you are in the car and by the time you get back to your studio the inspiration is gone.

This happens to me a LOT. Every day, almost. I’ll be at work (I have a ‘desk job’) and I’ll think about a project I wanted to finish, or something I want to try, or I get the inspiration to practice, or I get an idea for something really cool/great. By the time I get home; done.


Sometimes I’m just too tired and all I want to do is watch Better Call Saul, but more often, I’m just uninspired again. If I do manage to wander into the studio I just don’t feel it anymore.

Sometimes I start anyway and it does, on occasion, turn into a good ‘studio session’. Often, however, since I’m not feeling it, the idea is never explored. Lost? Not that great anyway?

Is this a matter of clamming up – the intimidation of the ‘blank page’ – when I step into the studio? Why am I so jacked at the thought of this ‘brilliant idea’ when I am not in any position to execute it or follow through?

Hmmmm. Is it BECAUSE I am in no position to follow through? I know in the back of my mind that I can’t do this thing anyway at this very moment, so all trepidation is cast away? My mind is free to create if only virtually?

Something crazy happens on the way from Inspiration to Preparation; or from Preparation to Inspiration. One of those. I feel like the cliché scene in the movies of the couple who wants to have a baby…woman takes her temperature – hey, honey – now is a perfect time – so they run off to the bedroom in the middle of the day. But I can’t just run off to the studio when the inspirational fever hits.

No answers here if you are ‘suffering’ from the same thing. But I guess I write this to let anyone out there who cares to listen or chime in that you are not alone!


Maybe, just maybe, it means I have to quit my desk job!

Til next time,


2 thoughts on “When Inspiration Strikes

  1. Welllll, from someone who did quit her day job, that is not what I found to be the issue. There are always things that collide with being in the studio when inspiration hits. And then when you do get there… the drive to create that previous idea, gone. I haven’t got the answer but I hope someone else does, Sally!


  2. Hey, Pam! I wish that was the answer, though (quitting the day job). I know there are many people out there going through the same thing – and many others offering advice, routines, webinars, self-help books, phone apps, etc. to address that very thing. I guess we need to keep exploring what works for us and be aware of when it does all gel and we do follow through and what a great feeling that is. And know that the uninspired days are all part of it, too.


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