Winding Down…Gearing Up!

My series of 50 tiny books for Art-O-Mat is winding down. I just have to do some bit of assembling and packing! The advice from fellow teachers (see prior post) about doing a series has ‘come true’ and I’m actually a little bored with it (as followers of Instagram/FB/etc. might be as well!). Bored might not be the right word. Maybe outgrown it? I’m excited to be done – reached my goal, but it is time to let go. BUT…

I have so many techniques or ideas that came out of the series that I want to revisit in more detail. So, my new goal is percolating. Now I know that this series-thingy is working as far as keeping me motivated and creating and just enjoying the process, I am ready for the next challenge. I haven’t set the specific series’ goal yet, but I’m thinking about the following:

  • Set a numeral goal of pieces (books/cards/broadsides)
  • Set a size
  • Approach with a specific technique (or 2 or 3)
  • Set the time/date goal (so many minutes a day/so many pieces a week/month)

As you can see by the list – it is still vague, but by the time I ship off my current series I will have these ‘set in stone’ and begin work. I am thrilled with the focus this has given me. I was feeling really scattered and unproductive but now finally following the advice or so many artists/motivators I respect, I feel like I can enjoy the process and know that I am creating work.


I am privileged that I don’t have to actually make a living doing my artwork. I can delve into and roll around in the process which I am coming to enjoy (often I looked at it as a burden). I know this feeling will ebb & flow and I will not always be in this state of almost-euphoria, but I will relish in it for now.

I am always grateful to so many that I admire and get motivated by. Some because of their amazing work, some because of their approach to their work, each because they are willing to share their journey! Visit them – and maybe they will motivate you as well (these are just a few…maybe more later?).

Laurie Doctor     Melissa Dinwiddie    Joyce Teta.

Melissa’s recent post is super if you want to address criticism, motivation, learning, etc…all in one place. I thank her for letting herself be a bit vulnerable and sharing this – so we can all learn from it!

Until next time. Peace.



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