Keeping Focused

I am realizing that I started this blog (and “follow” lots of others in cyberspace and through Facebook, etc.) because I thought I had to. I needed to. And in a way it still do. But I am realizing that when I am creating, I don’t have the time or the need to keep daily logs, or see what others are up to (and feel guilty that I am not up to the same things). So when there is “down time”, I wander around cyberspace and convince myself that I’m not doing enough (which I’m probably not since I’m wandering around cyberspace). But when I’m in the studio, busy, whether on weddings or signs, or knitting or whatever, I am so focused and feel so good about what I am creating that I’m not as stressed out about what I’m NOT doing.

That probably doesn’t even make sense! But I guess I am realizing two things: First – the “15 minutes a day no matter what” or keeping a daily art journal are fine…until I miss a day! Then I look at the blank pages in a journal and they taunt me! BUT – if I have an actual project to do 15 minutes is nothing! So I guess I just have to fine-tune my unique “daily” goals. I have to continue to see what works for ME not so much what works for others. There is work out there to be admired, aspire to, but also dismiss!

I have found some great inspiration from Melissa Dinwiddie. You can follow her Living A Creative Life blog. Her insights have been very helpful in calming my stress about NOT creating or creating stuff that “isn’t worthy”. Check her out!

So, in the just-d0-it spirit, here’s something that I had been wanting to try for a long time – and finally MADE the opportunity! A chalkboard sign!

Just posting this will keep me happy for a while.

Wedding Chalkboard Welcome Sign
Wedding Chalkboard Welcome Sign



3 thoughts on “Keeping Focused

  1. You said it so well!!! I too fret about not journaling/etc but when I am busy with a project I just feel good.
    Love the sign. REALLY nice job of combining lots of styles.


  2. I’m not sure I said it THAT well! 🙂 But I’m glad you understood! The sign was a lot of fun! Sarrel paper came in very handy! AND the client left me the extra chalkboard paint “just in case” !


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