Another Creative Year

Well, I started this blog in January 2013 as a “resolution” of sorts to keep track of my journey in the studio…for myself more than anything (also a potential chance to share with others in their creative journeys). I think I lasted into March with regular updates. That could mean one of two things: One: that I failed in my resolution to make this a regular event or Two: that I was so busy creatively, I didn’t feel the need to keep myself updated! I guess I will go with the second. Perhaps I am still wondering if I even “need” to journal, keep track, etc. In the digital world, it seems that to feel connected to the art or creative world, this is the way to do it – at least “be out there” even if no one reads or comments or appears to care. It isn’t the number of followers or how popular a blog or post – but that it is out there with the potential to touch others.

Similar dilemmas with “Blogs I Follow”. I just can’t keep up! I don’t just randomly click and follow everything I might have the slightest interest in, but even blogs I have carefully chosen to view in my reader, I am constantly wondering if they are worth the few seconds spent on scrolling past…but! Did I miss something fabulous? Is there something there I want to try out? respond to?

So, the question this year becomes; how much time to spend scrolling, commenting, writing posts is helpful to my creative journey?

Scrolling through my own photos of work produced this year (I think I manage to document them all) – I realize I did create quite a bit – more than I had remembered without the photo reminder. So, I think I will try to keep track better here – as my original intention, then really scrutinize how much I “need” to participate with the ever growing online database of STUFF!

So, with a new start, I post a photo of some of the Christmas cards I created in 2013. As with last year’s card – they are made with “scraps” I had in the studio. The only thing I had to buy was a glue stick (oh, and the stamps).

Here is to a creative 2014!!

Putting together elements for my 2013 card.
Putting together elements for my 2013 card.
Recycled from "scraps"
Recycled from “scraps”

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