Calligraphy Jobs & Calligraphy for Fun

Time flies as they say. Each weekend since my last post I planned on an update here but I got busy or lazy (yes, one extreme or the other) and here we are over a month since my last update!.

At any rate, I had three “rush” calligraphy jobs. So rushed that I didn’t even spend the time to take a picture! One, a lovely letter (re-written by me in script) to be framed for a gift. Got me thinking about the latest demise of handwriting in schools. The letter was a lovely “thank you” to a past professor from a student. It came to her as an email. Tough to think about a printed out email making it into a frame. So, great opportunity to demonstrate the power of personal, hand-written letters. Sad to think of less and less of them in everyone’s future.

Also, created some placecards for a St. Patrick’s day party for a long-time client. She is a serial hostess and I’ve been enabling her for years and years through tea-parties, cookie exchanges, weddings, brunches, etc. They were lovely little cards written in gold Uncial-ish letters with a small shamrock in the corner.

Created some envelopes – just remembered – I DID manage to get a photo last minute before they picked them up! White script on heavy craft paper.

Dr. Martin's Bleed Proof and Schmenke Permanent White on heavy craft paper envleopes
Dr. Martin’s Bleed Proof and Schmenke Permanent White on heavy craft paper envleopes

These were super-rush and I almost didn’t do them – but I was in love with the idea of the white on craft – even though I knew it would be tedious. Getting the right consistency for good flow and good coverage is a challenge. I’m sure I didn’t charge enough for the time – but I really enjoyed doing them. It was the bride’s idea to have the zip-codes spread out – which I’ve often seen but sometimes forget as an option. I like the look – makes for an interesting composition for such a simple thing as an address.

Finally, I managed to update my Letter A Week commitment. To refresh, go to ALAW 2013 and see what we’ve been up to. We are accepting the task of creating a “Peace” alphabet for the first 26 weeks of 2013 and a yet to be decided (for me) alphabet the remaining 26 weeks. Some really interesting things are going on.

Embossed e, f, g, h
next four letters of Peace alphabet

Making templates for Peace alphabet letters

As I was working, I noticed some interesting compositions happening on my cutting board…

I also managed to create a few backgrounds for some future work. This is the real “play”. Messy, fun and not quite sure where it will lead! Have a great week and spend some time creating!


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