All Over the Place

My studio has found me “all over the place” these past couple of weeks. It is becoming apparent to me that one of the reasons I am keen on continuing this blog is that I am realizing it will be here to remind me that even if I’m not working on “important work” or a big commission, I’m still creating! Hopefully when I’m in a state (happens sometimes!) when I think I haven’t done anything creatively, I can look back here and realize that I have – it just might not show up in the form of payment or a framed piece on the wall.

1. Continued work on a baby afghan…people are having babies all over the place! I found a great resource in Lion Brand Yarn‘s website where I can find wonderful patterns and easily safe them in my favorites and revisit them.

one corner of pen & ink poster
one corner of pen & ink poster

2. Finishing up a piece I started last summer for my sister-in-law (shhh…surprise) – she doesn’t do too much online so I think I’m safe. This piece is a large “Zentangle“. I’m a recent discoverer of this phenomenon. I realize that I’ve been “doodling” like that since I was a kid. Supposedly there is some controversy “out there” about copyrighting patterns, etc. but I haven’t looked too much into it. I find the process truly relaxing and satisfying. It has also helped me be less afraid about putting ink to paper. Aside from a light pencil line to break up the space (Zentangle people call it a “string”) you don’t sketch your patterns. You just decide what pattern you might use to “fill” a certain space and then go for it with your permanent pen. I recommend this for “doodling” in a journal or something when you need to kill 15 minutes or so in a waiting room.

another section of pen & ink poster
another section of pen & ink poster

3. Spent an afternoon lettering “love notes” at a local mall. Coach Love cologne had a promotion of a personal, calligraphed Valentine note with every purchase of a cologne from their line. There were two of us from the Calligraphy Guild of Pittsburgh in two difference Macy’s stores here in Southwestern PA.  I got to play with my pens for half a day and get paid for it! Almost nothing better!

4. Wedding envelopes! My new website is finally getting back up to its past traffic (I changed hosts recently). I really enjoy the methodical production of envelopes. I know some calligraphers find them tedious, but some of us actually look at them as almost therapy! I get lost in creating these “mini” compositions. Yes, when I’m on #251 and have 57 more to go, I get a little anxious to finish, but overall I really, really enjoy them. This past week’s job was a nice, simple, black Italic. The envelopes are in San Diego now, waiting to be stuffed and stamped!

5. I made Valentine’s Snickerdoodles for my sons who are off at college! Cooking is NOT one of my favorite things – or at least I don’t necessarily consider it a creative outlet like some people I know. (Here’s a shout-out to my sister-in-law who IS creative in the kitchen: But I do enjoy baking something once in a while…especially for care packages!

So, there you have it. We’ll see what this week brings…


2 thoughts on “All Over the Place

  1. Sally- Thanks for your little reminder that we are actually accomplishing things even when it isn’t the BIG stuff. I need that reminder….as the winter days are slipping by!–Julie


  2. Julie – Hi. I’m glad the reminder might help you, too! I know I should set aside more time to create and often when I see others’ work online I just picture them spending 10 hours a day in their studio and I almost feel like I’m “falling behind” if I don’t! So I have to pace myself, I guess. Thanks for stopping by!


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