This week’s creating…NOT In My Studio!

Pattern thanks to Lion Brand. approx 2'x3'
Pattern thanks to Lion Brand. approx 2’x3′

I am often asked whether or not calligraphy is something I can do “in front of the television”. When someone knows I have to spend many hours doing envelopes, for example, I think they wonder how I can spent those hours down in the studio by myself! I wish I could do more of my calligraphy work “just anywhere”. I know some calligraphers who do amazing work in a really small space (Judy Melvin often talks about her working at the kitchen table and – can you believe it? – cleaning up after herself!

I, on the other hand, am not so disciplined or neat, so I need a space where I can shut the door – when I’m inside working OR shut the door and leave the studio alone (and a mess) when I’m not!

And sometimes I don’t want to be alone downstairs when the family is hanging around upstairs. So, lately I’ve re-visited an interest in knitting and crochet. It is indeed something I can do in front of the TV or just sitting around chatting and listening to music with the family. I almost feel guilty that I’m actually accomplishing something creative but it is so relaxing and satisfying.

Which brings me to a point I often wonder about. Why, sometimes, is it so hard to just plant myself in the studio and “play” with the calligraphy tools? I enjoy it. I am usually satisfied by the outcome. Maybe it is because I don’t often have a completed “thing” when I’m done. If it isn’t a “ready to be framed” piece then is there a point if no one sees it or “uses” it?

I haven’t necessarily found the answer to these questions – just something to think about. There are volumes written about creativity, creative block, flow, etc. I suppose that’s the journey everyone is always talking about – trying to figure it all out. In the meantime I’ve found a new best friend in Lion Brand Yarn‘s website and found hundreds of wonderful patterns to add to my favorites list. So, when I DON’T want to go down to the studio and letter – instead of feeling a bit of the guilts for “squandering my talents” I pickup the knitting needles or crochet hook and make something…on the first floor…with the family…in the family room.

This particular baby blanket is a second in a “series”. I did the first for my great-niece who was born right before Christmas. I loved that it wasn’t typical baby colors and could be for a boy or girl (I didn’t know when I started). I followed the pattern on the first one as spelled out, but on this one, I used the same colors but in different combinations. Over the years I’ve made blankets for Project Linus, too. So, if no baby comes forward to claim this one – I will donate it there.


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