My First Post

Happy 2013! Since it is Resolution Time, I’m starting my blog. I’ve decided to use it as a motivator for myself – to check in regularly with updates on what I’m creating – hoping it keeps me going! But I also hope that it is a motivator for others out there. Creating in the studio is wonderful – but sometimes it is a little lonely – and often I would love feedback. So, join me, and we can share and grow and create!!

My Studio

Since I’ve called my blog “In My Studio” – here’s a look at the actual studio!


5 thoughts on “My First Post

  1. Congratulations Sally! How awesome! I hope to be inspired by all the wonderful comments and posts left here as well!.. I to am a lone creator, what fun to share!. Here is to a creative 2013! Happy New Year!


  2. Sally, just found your blog with picture of your studio! So glad to see how much stuff you have! It’s not just me. However, unlike you I have a 6 inch square of space on my drawing table free to work on. There’s a goal for 2013!


  3. Looks AWESOME Sally !! I miss drawing, creating, etc. So glad you’ve taken your passion and made something of it. Sure beats sitting in front of a computer all day like me. Congrats !!


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